Jerusalem Café, Kansas City, MO
Jerusalem Café, Kansas City, MO

Jerusalem Café, Kansas City, MO

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The least we can say about that place is that you won’t leave with an empty stomach. The salads (with or without meat) are great and not very expensive. They come with delicious homemade pitas. The Sandwiches are gigantic and come with salad too.

This is a 20 years old business which has received numerous prizes. It is agreeable and you are warmly welcomed by the staff

When the restaurant is closed, they open an outside shop that sells gyros (half price and without taxes!)

The only reproach i would have is the same as for many: it’s freezing cold inside when it’s so warm out which means that you experience a brisk time change when you come in and when you come out, the ideal if you want to get sick. It also lacks a little bit of lighting and so the inside is very dark.

On the first floor, you can enjoy a hookah.

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